1974 Ampeg V-B4 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier

I have to tip my hat to the seller of this¬†1974 Ampeg V-B4 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier. He writes: “It’s heavy. It’s LOUD! It’s an Ampeg!” Well played, sir.

Seller’s not done though, not by a long shot. He notes that this beauty is quite clean and sounds great. She’s wearing her original faceplate and, seller adds, he was told the knobs are also original.

Aside from a few nicks in her Tolex and some fading on her faceplate, she’s in outstanding condition for an amplifier entering her fifth decade of life.

When seller got her she had a humming issue that was caused by a faulty cap. That’s since been repaired and she is good to get funky.

Given her age, it’s not unusual that she has run through her share of tubes. Currently she sports “four Sovtek 5881WXT tubes in the power section, and two12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage, as well as a 12AU7 a 12DW7 and a 6K11 tube.” Boy howdy.

If this 1974 Ampeg V-B4 has you dialed up and ready to plug in, she’s ready to rumble for $1400 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also invites offers.

There are 32 people watching her. She’s alluring, that’s for damn certain.

Go get her.

1974 Ampeg V-B4 Electric Bass Guitar Amplifier Front
Ready to set the groove and get the party started.


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