1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar

Put yourself in the board room of Guild (or Martin) back in the early 1970s. The era of folk music was passing and the electric boom was in full swing. What was an acoustic guitar maker to do to compete but make an electric guitar—such as this American made 1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar?

And thus began the experiments. Guild did it. Martin did it. Fender did it in reverse by offering an acoustic guitar. Oh, those wacky marketers.

I suppose her resemblance to a Gibson SG is pure coincidence. But I digress.

This S-90 has been completely refurbished. Seller says her electronics have all been re-soldered with new CTS pots installed. Plus, her bridge has been reworked and everything on her cleaned and spiffed.

Finally, a local luthier has set her up to especially work well with the CGCFAD tuning. (You’ll have to ask seller about why he picked that tuning. I write about them as I find them.)

Seller says she has a very unique ’70s tone from her high output, warm sounding pickups.

I think she’s cool as all get out. And they certainly aren’t making any more like her. There’s no mention or photos of a case so ask about it if that matters to you.

If this Guild S-90 makes you want to round out your collection some, she’s yours for approximately $907.34 Buy it Now on eBay (seller is Canadian and has priced her in Canadian dollars.) Seller also welcomes offers.

Play on.

1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar Headstock Rear
Seller says she’s refurbished so I’m not to surprised to see what look to be new tuners on her.
1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar Front CU
Love her grain.
1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar Front
She’s a good looking axe.
1972 Guild S-90 Electric Guitar Bridge
Check out that funky monkey bridge. I’ve never seen one like it.

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