1970 Gibson ES-340TDW Walnut Electric Guitar

Well, well, well. What we have we here? Just a sweet little 45 year old dual cutaway walnut Gibson ES-340TDW weighing a svelte 8.5 pounds.

For those who favor these classy ladies, the walnut is a pretty twist and, though I have not heard her myself, likely adds a little some something tonally.

She looks like she’s been used but was generally well cared for, except for a chunk missing out of her headstock. Probably got tipsy and fell over. As they say, that’ll leave a mark.

The seller says she’s in good playing condition and comes with a hard shell case, although not the original one. (But hell, it’s not like you play the case.)

This Gibson ES-340TDW is priced at $2,650 on eBay.

The seller welcomes calls to discuss that, so there’s likely some wiggle room there.

And Muddy likes to wiggle.

1970 Gibson ES-340TDW Walnut Front

1970 Gibson ES-340TDW Walnut Back

970 Gibson ES-340TDW Walnut Headstock Damage

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