1967 Musicraft Messenger Electric Guitar

Let’s say hello to a honey made in Astoria, Oregon, a 1967 Musicraft Messenger Electric Guitar.

According to seller, San Fransisco-based Musicraft made Messengers up in Oregon for only two years, 1967 and 1968. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad is the best known player of these unusual guitars.

One of the unique features is her magnesium-aluminum alloy neck that runs through her hollow body from the peghead, bolting on at the endpin and the neck/body joint. The neck is removable and actually forms a tuning fork like structure tuned to ring to A440.

The idea behind this? Add resonance.

The Messenger preceded by seven years similar experiments with this neck type by Travis Bean and Veleno Guitars.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the Messenger rocks stereo output of her D’Armond single coil pickups. That’s right, she has two outputs that lets you route both pickups through one output jack or send them to each jack individually to be hooked into two separate amps. That’s some out there thinking.

Seller notes she comes with her original small frets and could use a fret job but he decided to leave her original. Alas, she comes with a non-original case but, as I’ve said before, you don’t play the case.

Seller writes she sounds awesome and looks wonderful too, having been refinished in the original sunburst.

This Messenger has blown my mind. So many cool, adventurous things in one gorgeous body.

If this Musicraft Messenger is making you go “Want! Want!” then don’t be shy. For $4999.99 Buy it Now you can call her yours.

Of course 31 people are watching her. She’s special and deserves the attention.

1967 Musicraft Messenger Acoustic Guitar Pickups
These D’Armond single coil pickups…..
1967 Musicraft Messenger Acoustic Guitar Knobs
…can be routed separately through these two output jacks to two separate amps! How cool is that?
1967 Musicraft Messenger Acoustic Guitar Front
Refinished in her original sunburst; what a stunner.



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