1964 Gibson B-45 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Thinking of the ’60s often brings Muddy to Beatles territory and this 1964 Gibson B-45 12-String Acoustic is no different. Typically “A Hard Days Night” is a tune that falls in line with Muddy. Banging that hit out on a vintage acoustic guitar brings me back to some long days I had on the road in my hey day. This Gibson here though is a 12-string. Not as common as a six string, but these 12ers carry a sound deep and true. A vintage Gibson 12-srting in this condition is hard to come by, making this B-45 a nice collector piece.

On the road a rookie once asked me what the main difference was between playing a 12-string guitar and a 6-string. Feeling a little annoyed with the rook not pulling his weight I gave him a fitting Muddy response of “the number of strings rook, now get that gear packed.” Muddy’s calmed down quite a bit from those days and I now have the time to appreciate the deep sounds of the 12-string acoustics.

I’ve heard the 12ers referenced as the “Grand Piano” of the guitar world, and I don’t disagree. The B-45 shown here appears to be in great shape. Seller claims there aren’t any cracks or blemishes on the Gibson’s body. The only reason he’s selling is that his wife simply thinks he has too many guitars. Well, back in my day I would’ve told her to “get her gear packed up” just like I did that rookie. These days though, I’d simply agree and post the B-45 on Ebay too. Then throw some Beatles vinyl on the old record player and kick back after “A Hard Days Night.”

1964 Gibson B-45 12 String Acoustic
These ’64 Gibsons will sometimes crack in the body right where the neck connects. This one has held strong however and remains in great condition.


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