1960s Vega Electric Guitar

41 folks are watching this chipped up beauty. Muddy’s law is when folks are watching there’s something to see, so let’s dig into this 1960s Vega Electric Guitar from Japan.

Seller says the story Vega is that they were formed in Boston back in 1881 and made banjos, including the world’s first electric banjo in 1932. C.F. Martin bought the company primarily for its banjo abilities.

Seller then moves the story ahead to the 1960s where now Martin was making electrics under the Vega name for sale in Japan, and this honey was one of them.

She’s a 7-ply model: four parts Walnut, three parts Maple—plus a Rosewood fretboard.

Seller makes no mention if she works or not but the fact that she is missing strings and seller labels her a “perfect project guitar” suggests otherwise. She has a sizable crack in her neck “starting at the volute.”  Not to mention holes, scrapes and cracks.

So, yes, she needs some work. (Seller says her fingerboard is in great shape. So you got that going for you. Which is nice.)

But she called out to me. She’s charming. She’d be fun to revive if you have the chops or the funds to commission those that do.

If this 1960s Vega Electric Guitar has you seeing possibilities, you can make her a reality for $249.99 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also invites offers.

Go get her.

1960s Vega Electric Guitar Crack
I learned a new word today, volute. It’s the carved heel to the back of the neck. While you’re pondering that. take a gander at that neck crack. Let’s get this lady the love she needs.
1960s Vega Electric Guitar Headstock
I can’t see this name without thinking of Pulp Fiction.
1960s Vega Electric Guitar Back
Yes, she has a back.
1960s Vega Electric Guitar Front CU
Look ma, no strings. But pretty just the same.


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