1960s Airline Pocket Bass Electric Guitar

Well, here’s a very cool kitty—a 1960s Airline Pocket Bass Electric Guitar. Wikipedia says all Airlines of that era were made by a company called Valco and sold through Montgomery Wards. Read all about it here.

Seller doesn’t say much about her. Apparently she has “superb tone and an upright bass kinda lively feel and thump.” I love me some lively feel and thump.

She’s got a transducer in pickup in the bridge as well as the neck pickup. My Spidey sense tells me the bridge pickup isn’t original but ask seller. He encourages questions.

Personally, I just love her looks. How could you not adore her dual wing pickguard with what looks to be a clear thumb rest/finger grab above and below her sweet string zone? And that pin striping? Cool as can be.

Sure, she has all the signs of 50 years of use. She’s got bumps and bruises and scrapes. Don’t we all?

Seller let one tease hang in his description. I quote “Touted as the best bass for a studio by…”

We never find the touter. If you do ask seller, please comment and let me know. I’m curious. No word about a case so if you’re asking, might as well find that out too.

If this 1960s Airline Pocket Bass has you soaring, she’ll glide on in for a home landing for $1100 Buy it Now on eBay. Seller also welcomes offers.

Go get her.

1960s Airline Pocket Bass Electric Guitar Back CU
Yes, she’s been played.
1960s Airline Pocket Bass Electric Guitar Front
Reoriented for the marquee shot.
1960s Airline Pocket Bass Electric Guitar Side CU
Great pickguard and thump rest and finger grab. Her pin striping is nice too.

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