1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar

If a brand name alone could compel you buy to a guitar, you’d have to give in to a 1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar.

Seller says this arch top beauty was made by Gibson for the Tonk Brothers to distribute under the Fascinator brand.

Seller writes she rocks a Spruce top and Mahogany sides and back. She’s all original (except for her bridge.)

Isn’t her tiger striped pick guard that extends to where body meets neck not the best? How about those inlays? This sweet old gal has loads of charm.

Seller notes she has a comfy neck with just a few ruts in her fingerboard (she is 80+ years after all) and the usual assortments of nicks and scrapes that come from living the life. Seller opines she may have had a fret job since her frets are in very good condition and of a larger, more contemporary size.

She’s got some finish crazing and a couple of repaired cracks in her back but she feels stable now. Good to hear.

There’s no mention of a case so if that matters to you, ask. Seller encourages questions. As he observes “we love old guitars and we want you to love old guitars.” So fire away.

Let’s give this fascinating Fascinator a comfortable new home. She’s ready to purr like a kitten for you for $1299 Buy it Now on eBay.

Play on.

1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar Inlays
What great inlays.
1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar Headstock
Her brand name alone justifies buying her.
1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar Back
Nice bowly back. Apparently there are some repaired cracks here and on the sides but all is stable now.
1930s Fascinator Acoustic Guitar Front
A nice sweet lady.

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